As much as many women do not enjoy wearing a bra, western society has made it obligatory for women to wear one. Not only are bras uncomfortable but they present many other challenges. It has made hiding the fact part and parcel of adhering to the latest clothing trends and the sometimes-unreasonable demands of the Western media.

Many women find the need to hide what some believe are unpleasant bra straps and it’s something that they are prepared to do. Whether or not you agree with this approach, bra strap hiders are a fact of life for many women. With many styles available and the way you use them can fix the solution to this unpleasant bra straps.

Here are some useful hacks to make sure that not only are bra straps hidden but that your bra remains as comfortable as possible.

Bra hiders can be found in a variety of styles in almost any retail store. You can also find a number of styles that can be purchased for very little from online retailers. They come in a variety of styles and colors.
coladaco bra strap hider

For those who need an emergency solution to keep those bra straps out of sight and make your summer dress look as light and airy as possible then a butterfly paper clip can be used in a pinch.
butterfly paper clip to hide bra strap

The key to using a bra strap hider is adjusting the straps (refer below image) so that there is enough room to comfortably fit the bra clip without the straps becoming too tight. With a little bit of adjustment, you should be ready to go out on the town or take a walk on the beach without having to worry about any bra strap sliding off or being too tight.
how to hide bra strap

The best part is that there are many other models that can fit on either the front or the back of the bra to hold the straps together and provide a seamless look. There’s no reason why you should sacrifice your sheer dress or top when you can use a bra strap hider.

There are also converters which allow the back straps to sit far lower on the back, once again allowing that strapless number to really shine.

But when all is said and done the best solution for lighter fabrics and that carefree summer feeling is still the bra strap hider. it is worth repeating that they are exceptional value for money and are available just about everywhere. There is a style for every occasion and they are really easy to use.