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satin pajamas
The day you retire every single one of your old, worn-out college T-shirts as sleepwear will probably never come because they’ll always be both comfortable and comforting. Still, there is something to be said about indulging in some really nice, even luxurious, pajamas; a small thing that can make the end of a long day just that much better. And thanks to fashion’s heightened interest in pajama dressing, there is no shortage of options, no matter your style or budget. So, you...
  • Aug 13
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  • Rubi Meraz
black maxi dress with pockets
Maxi dresses were used mostly by entertainers when it was initially introduced to the fashion world. All of that has changed, as women are beginning to embrace the maxi more than ever. Women are finding maxi dresses to be a more comfortable alternative to suit just...
bra strap hider
As much as many women do not enjoy wearing a bra, western society has made it obligatory for women to wear one. Not only are bras uncomfortable but they present many other challenges. It has made hiding the fact part and parcel of adhering to...
animal pajamas
PJ sets are about a lot more than just serving a practical purpose in life. If your pajamas are simply a means of not having to sleep in your birthday suit you are missing out on a whole fun world of really jazzing things up when...